5 kinds of traning


** Training :

    First comer 
    *  Let them have an experiance  being with "I am saved Soul from GOD"
       1. Even you attend the Church everyday you NOT sure that you are saved soul or NOT"
            This is very sad news !!!! That My soul  been saved by JESUS or  NOT

       2. Am i a GOD's Child or NOT? If you not sure Please Come here to check!!!

       3. There is an easy way to know!!!!

    *   Repent
       The first words from JESUS is "REPENT!!! THE Kingdom of GOD is COMING!!!"
       We need Repent everyday in our life
       I mean REAL REPENT!!! from bottom of our Heart!

    * The Cross Way
       1. Everyday we have to come and kneel down to our savier,  JESUS CHRIST our Lord
       2. He saved us from evil and now we can stand proudly "I am JESUS CHILD"
       3. The Cross is only way i deny myself that i am A SINNER
       4. The  CROSS of  life is comfort way and ONLY JESUS way leads us to Heaven
     * Holy Spirt
        1. Repent then you will receive The HOLY SPIRT
        2. When we praise GOD we see The HOLY SPIRT COMING
        3. THE PRAYER and TRAINING of SPIRT WORK lead us to GOD

    **  5 Kinds of Training

       The Bethel prayer House always open 365 days a year to you!!
       and a paster can't work all the GOD"s Work by himself
       So he needs a company to complete his Work  The GOD'S WORK
       The church is not only place to praise and worship   But it has to be many things to do
       like An apostle and , A prophet,  A Gospel Messanger, A Paster , A Teacher So on
       A paster can't do alone
       So we need you to do work all those things together!!!!
       In the Bible There is so many people devide GOD's Work and Complete their Work together.
       This is the place that you work as an Apostle, A prophet, A gospel Messanger ....... 
       We are waiting for you to come!!!!!