Who we are


God gave me a signal directly for complete his work through me and my church when i am ready to serve his work

WE started gethering at the community park and worship there, and go straight to market to gave the GOOD NEWS , sometimes on the bare street, sometimes shout to the world and give and teach them his words since 2002 September 14 .
On those days we started worship at O.C.C Chinese Church Located at Garden Grove and give to GOD  a first Worship There

I moved to city of Los Angels on his calling "you go out to deep sea,  put down your fish net  and spread my word" I accepted
 as my Lord says.
We started work as a Spritual healing and knowing their pains though their lives and correct them, stand them on right path to GOD
Few years later,  GOD apper to me once again and says , you must go to the "Commerece SIN city"  we obeyed his command
But we couldn't find a place right a way cause of The name of Church  we put down as a contract paper for a while
Therefore we didn't stop there and gatherd at the near by Community Park and Shout there for change the Sin City to Spritual Place
 about 6 month later GOD provide  here at a beautiful cozy place and continue to worship to GOD ever since all with GOD"s GRACE

As a results We came to as a ONE team in prayer  and we felt GOD is with us among through our lives cause we saw JERICHO fell down with our  own eyes

We blew the trumpets and lift higher The GOD"s name 

Now Our lives full with joys and faith   so we can win over this world  around here in which fill of Materialism, casino city, so many work plants as they only thinking of money for their pleasure

We want to go out there and face them and give a GOD's words for comforting them from  their sprital tired mind and pray for them and cry for them and hug them and give a blessing who Never thinking of 'There is NO GOD'

Their life without hope, without happiness of joyful family because they live seperate life  with their own

In miserible place we looking for GOD's given messages to roaming peoples

We praise in that Sin city change to GOD's city 

We shout to Other souls  come to GOD

We are welcome to anyone to worship GOD eventhrough we are surfering and struggling  like them

BUT we are happy that we can win with GOD in this cruel world

We like to shere this joys and happiness with everybody

So we built "The BETHEL PRAYER HOUSE" here in GOD's hands

Anyone is welcome!!!!!

We pray this place, this city will change to GOD's Place and to recover a blessing place

Driven purpose worship, Praise, gether together here healing our souls and open to GOD'S Sprit touches our hungury heart and mind Sincerely