What we do


This is What We DO!!!

 1. Do you want to meet the GOD in person? as ONE on One
    1) On the way to go to village "called Emmaus" JESUS Himself meet two disciples gives them with warm words
    2) This is ths place meet JESUS who is  a holy Sprit
    3)  A diciple name 'Ananias' who is very closed to Jesus himself changed Saul's vision to open his true heart to GOD's vision
   * Then,  I have a question to you
      Do you Want to beat up to meet GOD as a saul's way?
      OR become THE Diciple Paul to serve GOD's loving way till end of his life!!!
      (Act 23:11) " The following night the Lord stood near Paul and said, "Take courage! As you have testified
                            about me in  Jerusalem  so you must also testify in Rome"

     4) If you choose to meet Jesus personaly, there will be an etneral blessing  life ahead of you
     5) If there is a best way to success you life,  The only way is MEET THE JESUS alone

 2. Is your life turning miserable and lost way? You can't make your life what you suppose to be?
     1)  You must check you are living with Holy sprit? or NOT
           a> Is my soul connect with evil? or Holy sprit?
           b> Do you think The evil living inside of me and control my mind?
           c> If YES, There must be a reason to belive why evil comes to you and control your thought!!
      2)  You have to realized you are being control from evil or NOT?
            a> Am i thinking of Heaven's way or evil's way?
            b> Ungodly thinking of behaving act that  i am showing to people!
            c> Am i spunkie and mindblowing men?
            d> if you NOT control your evil  thought your child will do the same thing!!
      3)  How about your body's problems!!!!
           a>  I am sick all the time
           b>  My back pain last long
           c>  I always have a nerve pain
           All the people have their Sprit,Soul, Body part living with  you

      Then, you must come here check up your Sprit !!!!!!  Am i close enought to GOD or Am i turning  back to GOD


  3.  Do you really want to heal completely in Holy Sprit?
      1) we all pray to GOD. Our prayer will go up to GOD and THE Sprit of GOD will complete our pray
          (1 Cor 2:11) "For who among men knows the thoughts of men except the man's sprits whitin him? In         
                       the same way no one knows the thoughts of GOD expect the sprit of GOD"

        2) The Sprit of GOD knows all about me.  You must open your heart throughtly and wait for His work will do inside of
              me completely.
        3) You must come where The Sprit of GOD comes.

        4)  You must come where The SKY opens(Heaven's Door)
             Heaven's door  always stay open at Bethel Prayer House and touches our heart.

  4.  You want to show your life  complete as a result of  "The Good Gospel  News"  to you?
        1) You want to feel the Real CROSS on to you?
        2)  live or die only JESUS, Do you want to give all to him?

          * A men with words on the hat  " I am crezy to JESUS"  the other men saw him who passing by and stood there and
            looking at him, But his hat is written like this " What do you crezy about ?"
        3)  If you standing one side of the world and the other foot stands GOD's way, when you come to home you are called
            " men" if you are come to church you be called " Church Men(Deacon)"  so on
             when JESUS sees you Arn'ts you  Embarrassed?    You must change!!!!!

        4)  When you live "In HOLY SPIRT" he will provide your meal which is daily meal and Spritual Meal ,also.
             As we are here we saw so many times He provided our meals. We see so many belivers

        5) "The Gospel" is the Most Important Gift to us. Only JESUS fulfilled and Completed on His words.
              He met us in person, He controls us as his servent, then we become his Worker who will leads us to Heaven.
         6)  We must pray for someone for NON-Believers  and lead them to GOD's way

    5.  Everyday HOLY SPRIT come down here at Bethel House of Prayer, Our Daily Service is live with full
         Of GOD's GRACE    
          1) Only praise GOD, Lift his name
          2) He is my savier, Please come here to save us
          3) Please heal our broken heart with HOLY SPRIT
          4) Please heal all pains of my body
          5) Please let us to see the bright side of this world
          6) Please change our wicked world

    6.  WE do our Work here all the catagorical imparative GOD's WORK.
           1) We do What JESUS asks us to do at the end of world (Final work before His era).
           2) We are waiting for his coming (He is the bride)
           3) We must take care of his child ( Sending Gospel words, Healing)
           4) WE need take care of Our house ( Spritual War)
           5) We need repent our SINS (Repent)

    7. The Bethel House of Prayer stands "SPRIT Of GOD" and leads the lost soul to GOD
           1) We treat them as a GOD"S Childs and heal them with "The Power of HOLY SPIRT"

           2) They realize The Work of "THE HOLY SPIRT" and cleans their problems

           * This is the Place You feel the Work Of GOD. You will see the HOLY SPIRT Images

    8. We build with 5 kinds of Training and Complete then send to the World to expend THE GOD"S WORLD
        and built the Kingdom of GOD In this World.